Today a dive team consisting of TMK team members Chris, Derek & CARIM researcher Michelle supported by Sean Heseltine aboard the University of Otago’s Beryl Brewin and surface support Aquaculture and Fisheries Students replaced the CARIM logging system. The existing SeaFET ocean pH monitoring system was retrieved and replaced. Water samples were collected at the waters surface and at the depth of the moorings for DIC / alkalinity, nutrients and fluorescence. For the first time the Microcats (TSO) (which record environmental parameters such as Dissolved oxygen) were also retrieved. The data from the Microcats were directly downloaded by the CARIM projects Marine Chemist’s Kim Currie and Judith Murdoch, who also undertook simple maintenance before redeployment. New Odyssey light loggers were also deployed on the system. Taking measurements of local oceanic conditions over time, CARIM sampling methods are designed to establish the scale of acidification and how it is affecting New Zealand coastal ecosystems.