Prospective students

Te Tiaki Mahinga Kai gets much of its energy and momentum from its students and emerging scholars. If you are considering doing a research project on a topic related to mahinga kai, please join us!

Possibilities include:

  • Honours, masters, or PhD thesis at any university in Aotearoa
  • Research project as part of a polytechnic course
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • Summer student internship, working as an assistant on our current projects
  • Practicum placement in a real-life work situation

We welcome students, scholars, and supervisors from any university or institute in Aotearoa. If you would like to work with a Māori community on kaitiakitanga issues or with our researchers for such a placement, let us know.

Whatever stage you are at, we’ll help you define a suitable research topic about mahinga kai, try to help you find a research supervisor, and possibly find funding to meet your costs. Please contact us for more information.





Chris Hepburn, Marine Sciences Department, University of Otago
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