What is Kai Korero?

Kai Korero is a magazine published by Te Tiaki Mahinga Kai. We distribute its issues to communities across New Zealand, as well as to our project partners and contributors.
The name “Kai Korero” has two interpretations. “Kai” means food, and “korero” means talking about. So, we are talking about food. As well, “kaikorero” (one word) are orators or discussion leaders (usually on the marae). So, we are leading a discussion (about mahinga kai). This name was suggested by Rau Kirikiri, our senior Māori adviser to the programme.
The first issue was printed and distributed in December 2007.

Published issues

Would you like to receive a copy?

If you are interested in receiving future Kai Korero publications, please email us to sign up.
We sometimes produce printed issues, and will mail these to your door, free of charge. Other issues are produced only as electronic versions; in these cases, we will send you a copy to your email inbox.

Would you like to submit something?

Kai Kōrero is mainly intended to give people a voice – pāua to the people! Therefore, we welcome your thoughts, stories, comments, and criticisms. You can also submit fun facts, poems and quotes, kids’ pages, your favourite recipes, and more! We also love to receive photographs, of both the present and the past! Please send us old newspaper clippings, photos of tools or art that feature mahinga kai, your favourite gathering places, kai species, and anything else that you would like to share.

We will of course credit you for any contributions you make, and will approve all final edits with you before publishing your contribution.


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